New Hope Animal Hospital offers facilities to care for your pet when there is a necessary separation, and your pet is unable to be with you.

This separation can be stressful for the entire family.  Our goal is to make each pet feel at home and to become happy member of OUR family during their stay.

Making Arrangements

  1. Call ahead to see if accommodations are available for the dates that you would like us to care for your pet.
  2. We encourage scheduling a time to meet our assistants and evaluate our facilities.
  3. If you have never left your pet before, we recommend considering an overnight stay prior to the separation. This gives your pet an opportunity to meet us. We use this time to evaluate your pet’s suitability for a longer stay.

Evaluating Our Facility

  1. General appearance: Our facilities are clean, sanitary, and odor free. We supply soft clean blankets for your pet’s comfort. Bedding and facilities are cleaned daily or as needed. Cats are supplied daily with fresh kitty litter that is replaced during the day if soiled. If you bring an item from home, we will be happy to place it with your pet. It should be an item that can be cleaned or laundered.
  2. Security: Our housing facilities are entirely indoors. Your pet is safe from inclement weather changes. Individual housing arrangements keep your pet safe from other pets.
  3. Safety: Our housing facilities are free of sharp objects, harmful chemicals, and objects that your pet might swallow.
  4. Supervision: Proper supervision is the key to a happy and healthy stay. Assistants walk each dog outside on a leash for exercise and hygiene. This interaction gives your pet a chance to bond with our assistants and soil outside. Our cat guests have individual cages that allow them to stretch and move comfortably. The assistants at New Hope Animal Hospital are trained professionals, with the experience and knowledge to evaluate and inform veterinary staff of potential medical issues.

Health Care

  1. Water: Each pet is provided with individual fresh water containers. Their water is changed daily or multiple times per day as needed.
  2. Food: We do our best to accommodate your pets eating schedule. In general, pets are fed twice daily with premium pet foods. Owners are encouraged to bring a diet that is familiar to their pet. Cats can be finicky eaters.
  3. Each pet staying in our facilities must be current on core vaccines. The core vaccines for dogs are DHPPC (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvo, and Parainfluenza) and Rabies. A Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccination is required for dogs. Core vaccines for cats are DRC (Distemper, Rhinotracheitis, and Calici) and Rabies. Vaccinations should be up to date well in advance of your pet’s stay.
  4. Medication: If your pet needs special medication, feel confident that their medications will be given properly and at the appropriate time. A certified veterinary technician oversees our assistants administering medications. A diabetic pet receives insulin injections administered by a certified veterinary technician.
  5. Medical care: Our boarding facility is associated with our hospital. Illness is handled by our trained veterinarians and technicians. In case of illness, we will contact you using the emergency information provided when your pet is checked in upon arrival. A veterinarian is on call to handle medical issues while your pet is in our care.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to care for your pet. Our feelings will not be hurt when your pet is happy to see you when you pick them up.