Wellness Care: Prevention truly is the best medicine

One of the keys to your pet’s health is heading off medical issues or illnesses before they occur. The best way to do that is with proper wellness care, which alerts you and your veterinarian to any conditions that may be develop down the road, and helps you prevent them before they cause a problem.

At New Hope Animal Hospital, we make annual wellness exams an essential part of our regimen to keep your pet happy and healthy.  It’s especially important for us to keep you informed at all times about all aspects of your pet’s health. You can count on our veterinarians and staff for clear communication in which they answer all your questions in a friendly, compassionate manner.

We provide comprehensive wellness programs that are individualized to keep your pet healthy and happy throughout their life. Wellness counseling includes:

  • Age appropriate health screening including blood testing and x-rays.
  • Diet and weight control. Internal and external parasite control counseling.
  • Vaccination and routine health maintenance programs.
  • Behavioral training.
  • Teaching about routine home care including : teeth brushing, ear cleaning, and trimming nails.

Wellness Plans