Internal Medicine

We encourage a positive preventive and proactive approach to health care. Early identification of health problems almost always results in a better outcome.  We firmly believe that you must define the problem before you can treat it effectively.

Our facility offers comprehensive medical diagnostic testing and treatment options. This includes diagnosis and treatment of cancer, heart disease, endocrine diseases, metabolic disorder, and many other chronic debilitating diseases associated with aging. We also have a large directory of specialists that we utilize for consultation or referral.

Diagnosing and treating a serious systemic disease may require the expertise of an internal medicine specialist. At New Hope Animal Hospital, we can refer you to a board-certified internist who specializes in identifying and treating conditions.

If you have questions about whether your pet needs the services of an internal medicine specialist, simply give us a call at 763-593-1004. We’ll be glad to examine and treat your pet—and if necessary, refer you to a board-certified internist for specialized care.