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New Hope Animal Hospital utilizes a wide range of advanced technology in our daily practice to improve medical card for your pets. Below are a few examples of the systems we use.


AlisVet“Advance Logical Iconic Software” is the name of our paperless medical record system. At the heart of ALIS software is a centric and comprehensive approach to the Problem Oriented Medical Record (POMR).  A POMR approach to health care forces us to define, organize, and track medical problems. ALlS Vet allows us to offer the finest in veterinary medical care.






Cardiac arrhythmia’s can affect pets of any age and breed.  Our senior pets are especially prone to arrhythmia’s associated with age related heart disease. Thanks to the advanced technology offered by Vetronics we are able to monitor cardiac rhythm and immediately analyze and treat any abnormal rhythm. It’s like having a cardiologist on call.  All pets under anesthesia are continuously monitored for rhythm disturbances.


My Lab30 GoldSound waves are at the heart of this technology.  With ultrasound we can look at the soft tissue structures within the abdomen and evaluate the movement of the heart in real time.

This diagnostic tool is the perfect complement to our new state of the art digital x-ray system.  Depending on the complexity of the study, ultrasounds are performed by staff veterinarians  or radiologists that specialize in the use of this technology.

FujiCR2Fuji CR

The Fuji CR digital film reader is the heart of x-ray technology at New Hope Animal Hospital. CR means “computed radiography”.  It’s like taking an x-ray with a digital camera. This technology offers many advantages over conventional film developing. We are able to visualize detail without the many retakes that film required. Since chemicals or heavy metals are no longer needed, Fuji CR is much friendlier to our environment.

Since the x-rays are all digital they will never deteriorate. We can send them to a specialist and get a report back within hours. This technology means better health care that is provided in a timely fashials or chemicals needed to develop that film.


Endoscopes can also (with a small incision) be used to do laparoscopic surgery within the abdomen, thorax, and joints. This technology offers us diagnostic and therapeutic options.  This means better health care choices for your pet.This is a procedure that utilizes an instrument called an endoscope. This instrument allows us to view the inside of the body without surgery. Fiber optics allows us to place a camera at the tip of a flexible scope. With a light source and monitor we are able to see inside the esophagus, stomach, small bowel, and colon.