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MedicalLife Stages Wellness Program

We provide comprehensive wellness programs that are individualized to keep your pet healthy and happy throughout their life. Wellness counseling includes:

  • Age appropriate health screening including blood testing and x-rays.
  • Diet and weight control. Internal and external parasite control counseling.
  • Vaccination and routine health maintenance programs.
  • Behavioral training.
  • Teaching you about routine home care including : teeth brushing, ear cleaning, and trimming nails.

Internal Medicine

We encourage a positive preventive and proactive approach to health care. Early identification of health problems almost always results in a better outcome.  We firmly believe that you must define the problem before you can treat it effectively.

Our facility offers comprehensive medical diagnostic testing and treatment options. This includes diagnosis and treatment of cancer, heart disease, endocrine diseases, metabolic disorder, and many other chronic debilitating diseases associated with aging. We also have a large directory of specialists that we utilize for consultation or referral.